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Adopt:  Majin 01 closed by Lulluria
Adopt: Majin 01 closed
I'm still alive, sort of!  I've been doing training at a new job at our hospital here and my boyfriend is visiting from belgium, but I squeaked out another adopt.  <3  I hope she goes to a good home~

Bullet; Green Payment preferred through paypal.
Bullet; Green Please reply to the first comment if you wish to bid.  If you'd like to be notified if you are outbid, please say so. c:
Bullet; Green Winner will receive unwatermarked transparent PNG of character. You are entitled to the design to use in any which way you like once you win her, be it commercial or non-commercial, etc and so on. Just credit me for the original art and design C:

Bullet; Blue Starting Bid:  15$
Bullet; Blue Bid Increments: 1.50$
Bullet; Blue  Autobuy:  65$

Starts:  September 21 @ Midnight,  ends September 24 @ Midnight PST

High bidder: asculei!
The Cop Cave by Lulluria
The Cop Cave
This is my station at work (one of them, we switch all the time but they're identical).  Don't worry -- all the secret Squirrel stuff is unable to be seen.  Also, our com room is a little outdated, so modern dispatchers will probably be like "lol look at that box from the stoneage"

So, I'll explain a little bit.  The screen with the colorful buttons on the right is for our radio!  We touch the magical screen to talk to our deputies, the city police, our jailers, our ambulances and also our fire department.  We touch a lot of buttons.  We touch a lot of people.  

The tinyyyy tiny little glowing white screen is called an ANI/ALI screen, and it populates with a caller's location and phone number and name, if possible to attain it, and tells us whose jurisdiction they're in.  Most of the time this fails, especially when people are on cell phones, because like I said, our systems are outtdated and sad.

The black panel box with hundreds of buttons is our PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) which is where all our 911 and our allied contacts come in on.  

The two monitors on the lower right is our mapping system and our CAD program (computer aided dispatching) which we keep track of all our officers, their activity, all of our calls and stuff. It's like Notepad x 10000000

The monitors above it are full of security cameras!  This isn't really common for a lot of communication centers, but we're special in that we also work directly with our county jail (it's in the other half of our building lol) so we monitor a bunch of cameras inside and out ot make sure everything is going nice and shiny.

When I took this picture, one of the cameras had a fucking spider over it for hours, taunting me with its nasty little legs.  It knows where I live, now it knows where I work.  D8

The two screens to the far left are where we access NCIC and other fun things in our special system that looks at you while you sleep and gathers all the info it can.  

And the bat signal? 

Well, I thought it was appropriate.

SO.  SEVEN screens, three keyboards and three mice (one is hidden)  one microphone for radio and one pedal to activate said microphone while typing, and also the desks can elevate or lower, and our chairs cost 1500$ each and I want one in my house right now.  So much. HNNGH.

And what, you may ask, do those wonderful looking white knobs do?

They're light switches.  

So, Fourth of July is coming up tomorrow -- a day of questioning "Is that fireworks or gunshots" and the people who drop their plates to call the police to tell them about the people firing sparkly bullets into the sky, certain someone is being murdered next door.

I'm a 911 dispatcher, I am NOT looking forward to Fourth of July for this reason.  = u =

Anyways, a little topic rose up in my town here recently.  An unknown individual rented a crane and rose a flag upside down on it, and has kept it there for days.

What is your first reaction, if you are American?  Are you disturbed?  Are you offended?  Does it not bother you at all?  Do you recognize the meaning?

People flew into a riot upon seeing it.  "Disgusting disrespect!" they cried.  Soon, they even began to threaten lighting the crane on fire in protest at how the person was disrespecting the country.

The real meaning of the upside down flag?  Do you know?

It's an officially recognized sign of dire distress.  

Distress, not disrespect.  Certainly one should not raise it in such a manner without actually being in distress, but that aside, even with the official definition given to us by our own country, the people crying disrespect refused to acknowledge it.  They simply wanted to be offended, to decide "No, that's wrong, it's a sign of disrespect, it's like he's burning the flag!"  

To me, this is both sad and amusing.  To love your country so much, rise to the chance to defend it against the average bored man's plight, and yet refuse to acknowledge a definition your own country gives you that says no, stop, you are wrong.

Some people, when told of the definition, and told they can relax and not feel so offended replied with "If its his right to express himself that way, its my right to feel upset!"  

But why?  Why, when you were just givent he proper definition, would you feel upset?  

What if someone raised a flag only half-mast, yet had no real reason?  The average passerby would look at it and not even begin to feel offended.  They may even feel pity or sympathy.  It doesn't matter if someone actually died or not, or if there was a tragedy or not.  Simply because they understand the meaning, it's not offensive to them, whether it's a lie or not.

The difference in this situation is that people simply don't KNOW.  I myself didn't know the meaning of an upside down flag, so before I felt offended or laid claim that the person doing it was a scumbag, I looked it up.  I educated myself, and I found quickly there was no need for negative thoughts or feelings.  

Come now, everyone, let us educate ourselves, for knowledge brings great power!


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