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Persona 3: Aegis by Lulluria
Persona 3: Aegis
I made a WIP+Line art pack for this on Patreon: for the 5$ patrons. C:  
Aegis was my absolute favorite from P3 and I shipped her and the MC hardcore.  Stalkerbot too cute.

Started a Patreon for Melting Moon, Dolls of Rozenheim and just artwork in general. <33
As I'm making my game (which I make as a hobby) there's things that have cropped up that honestly kind of make me feel a bit sick regarding people.

There seems to be this idea that game developers should be altering their games and stories to suit one certain type of fan, that they should take into account if something might "hurt a fan's feelings", and that if the developer doesn't listen to what people say, they're 'problematic and bad developers'.

I've seen people complain about common things in a genre like horror, saying "People shouldn't make it gory!  People shouldn't make it have ghosts/monsters!" "People shouldn't make it have jump scares!" "People shouldn't make it touch on uncomfortable subjects!" and it's like..those are the GUTS of horror.  Why even say you like horror, if you hate everything that is the core of horror?  

People need to realize that just became someone is making a game, they are not required to make it cater to everyone, or even a specific type of people.  If something in the game bothers you?  Then don't play it.  Don't sit there and hate on it and try to demand it cater to you.  Does it include motifs you don't like?  Don't play it.  Makes you upset?  Don't play it.  Too scary?  Don't play it.  Think it's dry, boring?  Don't play it.

If you feel like that about a game, then you need to realize: IT IS NOT FOR YOU, and that's fine. Everything doesn't need to be for you.  Different people like different things.  

People really love FFX13.  I don't.  Does it make it a bad game?  No.  Just makes it a game I don't care about.  Bad in my eyes?  Parts, sure.  Bad in other's eyes?  Not so much!

I don't like zombies.  I find them boring and not scary.  Does that make them a bad trope?  Not at all.  People can love zombies.  Just because it's not my thing doesn't mean it can't be their thing.  It doesn't mean I have to lament about every zombie game that comes out, or feel that the popularity they get is unjust.  People have different tastes.

A lot of people like slasher horror.  I don't.  I find human beings...not so scary.  Does it make it wrong when a slasher movie or game becomes popular?  Not at all.  Etc, so on and so forth.

I hate this phase where people decide they should try to censor games, or tell the devs what they can and can't make.  Many devs adore and respect their fans, but if you're really someone who has that much hate and tries to demand that a game change to suit you personally, then you are not a fan.  
Hi lovelies <3
I've been a lot more active at recently, working on my little horror rpg.

So, one thing I've experienced thus far with this is that, even though I am still in the beginning stages of the game, I've already received anonymous hate mail and threats about it.  You might be puzzling yourselves as to why, and really, the reason itself is ridiculous.

The reason is this:  One of the ghosts in the game is themed around the mental illness she had in life, which was a skizophrenic psychosis.  Mind you, these are not tropes used to be "Scary oogidy boogidy" things.  It is as much a part of the character as her hair or her skin.  As a ghost, yes, she is violent, she is bitter (As are MOST of the ghosts, even the ones who were kind in life.) and her theme is based around her illness, so that the player gets a taste of what she's gone through in life.  It is meant to inspire compassion just as much as it's meant to inspire fear, and the will, to go past the fear to learn more.  A lot of research has gone into her character, even though she is only a sub-character and not one of the "Main" ones.  (She is a 'boss', so to speak.)

However, all it took was the mere mention that one character was going to have a form of psychosis and for a while, nothing happened.  Then, I don't know.  I assume one of the special snowflakes on the internet saw it, had a midlife crisis/breakdown, and rallied their comrades to assist them in the hate mail onslaught.  (Of course, they feel brave behind anon, kek.)

I was told things like "You have no right to include it in your game because you're neurotypical!"  (An immediate assumption of someone they don't know and never will.)  Some folks were just concerned about if it was just going to be used as an oogidy-boogidy scare (Which it's not) and their concerns were understandable, but the cascade of idiots screaming that I "am making light of people with mental illness" and that I am disgusting because I choose to include it -- just, geez, people.

This is my game.  I'm doing it alone, save for some awesome people contributing to voice acting a bit.  This is my artwork.  Just because something is misunderstood or sensitive, do you think we should pretend it doesn't exist?  The more it is in the media, the more people become curious, the more they educate themselves.  

That isn't even the only controversial thing in my game.  There's also implied rape/sexual abuse, there's human sacrifice, infanticide, murder, mutiliation, cannibalism...I'm only waiting for them to realize one of the ghosts is blind to be told "You can't write a blind character because you're not blind!"  and amusingly enough, they don't seem to care about the other ghosts who are MEANT To be extremely violent and deranged who are psychotic, sociopathic, or have severe narcisstic disorders.  No, instead they choose to attack me for a character who was made into a victim in her life, suffered horrible abuse and reacted to it as a ghost, a character you can actually save by learning about her life.

This game is not for everyone.  Especially not the special snowflakes.  I value proper research and I include it in everything.  I jsut find it immensely sad that I, as an artist, have to idly "fear" posting or making my art because of these deluded jackasses waiting to rally together and prey upon things.

Sorry, dears.  I'm not going to publicly apologize in tears like that poor scientist did after committing the heinous crime of wearing a shirt.

This is a horror game.  
This isn't My little Hello Carebears in Sparkle Land.  I also can't help but feel like most of the people sending me anon hate probably only use mental illness as a "self diagnosed fashion statement", which is pathetic, imo.  My brother-in-law is autistic.  He currently lives in between a mental asylum and his family home.  It's not a fucking fad.  It's fucking hard, and people deserve to be shown multiple sides of it without being attacked for it.

/rant  sorry folks. :X

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