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It's not my house, thankfully~

Right now I'm working as  surgical tech and I also am in charge of surgery's central supply at our hospital, which is OLDE.  My office is basically this huge room that has a lot of sharp pokey things used in surgery, as well as the big-ass sterilizer in the wall.  

When I first started working in that part of the hospital, I'd notice movement out of the corner of my eye.  It was always kind of like when you have cats, and you see a bit of dark and movement like when they come to investigate what you're doing, then go on with w/e they were doing.  It would be enough movement that I would turn and look, and of course, nothing is there.

It didn't -feel- scary, though.  

Then, one day, I had to go into this closet we use for the respiratory department, and I noticed while in there, there was another closet.  It was dark, and I couldn't see much, but the moment I looked at it, I felt this horrible sensation of dread.  I had to be in the closet for about 5 minutes searching for some supplies, and the entire time I felt extremely vulnerable and just predated upon, almost.  All that was in that other closet was basically a pump and equipment hooked up to the back of our sterilzer, and some crate or something against a wall.  It wasn't innately "Scary", but at the same time, it was.

So, the other day, my mother comes to visit.  She's the DON over our skilled nursing facility, so she's allowed to kinda come in there, and I wanted to show her my office.  She comes in, and she looks a little uncomfortable, and then leaves a couple minutes later.  Later on, I started to tell her about that closet and how uncomfortbale it makes me feel, and she tells me that when she entered the room, she felt like something pulled her attention over there to look at it (It is hard to see through where she was standing) and she looked away, but then felt like she had to keep looking back at it, and it also made her feel uncomfortable.

So, yesterday at work, I decided I would check the EMF levels just to make sure nothing back there is causing a high discharge (since they can make you feel that way, sometimes even sick) but nothing, it was completely normal.  I took a picture of it:…

Now, what is the weirdest thing about this closet, and I didn't realize this until later when someone went in and showed me where the lightswitch was -- the walls are actually white. Like, BRIGHT white.  It's an extremely bright room when the light is turned on, and yet even though there as some light coming from the respiratory closet (you can see some reflecting on the metal)  hardly any light was able to enter the room, and the way the shadows are is just somehow...disturbing, I suppose.  When I first saw that room, I thought it was darkish walls and a dirt floor, and I still can't believe it's white walls and concrete floor.  

I don't know, honestly.  It's possible my office was used for something else back in the day, since it's a small town but....who knows.  I don't feel bad or dread in my office part, just when I'm near that room. :X  Hopefully it stays that way.
It's filled to the brim with social justice warriors now, and it's driving me insane.  I stopped posting there for some months last year when things happened, and when I came back it was completely taken over by aggressive, abrasive and somewhat horrifyingly sociopathic SJW type of people.  It's like, it felt like every other person I had on my watch list before was posting this stuff about "I'm so oppressed because of the word bossy, I feel raped because a man looked at me, he's surely a rapist, all men and straight and white people are scum and deserve to die, eating a taco is cultural appropriation"

And I'm just sitting here like.  What in the holy hell.  

I do not like personalities like that, who play the victim card and actually compete to who is the most victimized. People self-diagnosing for things they 95% of the time will not have, being extremely sexist and racist and then saying "You can't be sexist to men and you can't be racist to white people" and literally just attacking each other if someone doesn't agree with your viewpoint, to the point where they go and dox people simply for disagreeing with them or saying something that makes them frown.

It's seriously disgusting, and I keep unwatching all the people posting that crap, but it just keeps popping up.  :C  I want to have a tumblr to post my pervy art and also game development stuff, and god damn it I miss my funnies and shinies and pretties and hnngh.

Someone make them go away please. ; _; Is there anywhere better to be?
Commission: Tokkyun Glaceon by Lulluria
Commission: Tokkyun Glaceon
Thank so much for being so patient, deary!  Here is a commission for Tokkyun of their Glaceon Gijinka <3  I'm so sorry for the long wait, feel free to throw slippers in my general direction Q-Q <3
Adopt:  Majin 01 closed by Lulluria
Adopt: Majin 01 closed
I'm still alive, sort of!  I've been doing training at a new job at our hospital here and my boyfriend is visiting from belgium, but I squeaked out another adopt.  <3  I hope she goes to a good home~

Bullet; Green Payment preferred through paypal.
Bullet; Green Please reply to the first comment if you wish to bid.  If you'd like to be notified if you are outbid, please say so. c:
Bullet; Green Winner will receive unwatermarked transparent PNG of character. You are entitled to the design to use in any which way you like once you win her, be it commercial or non-commercial, etc and so on. Just credit me for the original art and design C:

Bullet; Blue Starting Bid:  15$
Bullet; Blue Bid Increments: 1.50$
Bullet; Blue  Autobuy:  65$

Starts:  September 21 @ Midnight,  ends September 24 @ Midnight PST

High bidder: asculei!


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